Fone de Ouvido Jabra Elite 75t True Wireless Titanium Black

4,2 de 5 estrelas 8.369 avaliações de clientes

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Marca Jabra
Cor Preto
Tecnologia de conectividade Sem fio
Fator de forma dos fones de ouvido Dentro da orelha
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Crie um ajuste seguro enquanto ouve música com esses fones de ouvido sem fio Jabra Elite 75t pretos de titânio. O design intra-auricular com três pontas de orelha de tamanhos diferentes adiciona conforto versátil para o uso durante todo o dia, enquanto a bateria recarregável oferece até 7,5 horas de uso quando totalmente carregada. Esses fones de ouvido sem fio Jabra Elite 75t têm um alcance Bluetooth de 33 pés, permitindo que você se mova livremente sem interromper a conexão.

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Avaliações de clientes

4,2 de 5 estrelas
4,2 de 5
8.369 classificações globais
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Avaliado no Brasil em 6 de maio de 2020
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Avaliado no Brasil em 26 de janeiro de 2021
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Avaliado no Brasil em 5 de maio de 2021
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Por Marcos em 5 de maio de 2021
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Avaliado no Brasil em 23 de maio de 2020
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Walter Beauchamp
5,0 de 5 estrelas High Quality Earbuds. Amazing Sound. Very Pleased
Avaliado no Canadá em 21 de dezembro de 2019
Compra verificada
Imagem do cliente
5,0 de 5 estrelas High Quality Earbuds. Amazing Sound. Very Pleased
Avaliado no Canadá em 21 de dezembro de 2019
Before I bought these earbuds, I first purchased the ENACFIRE Future Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from Amazon for $70.00 and I was quite happy, I decided to return them because I didn't like that the master was the left side, instead of the right. After hours of researching, I decided to toss some extra money towards a higher quality pair and I am so happy that I did. These blow away the ENACFIRE earbuds by a considerable margin, in nearly every aspect.

From the time you receive your new item, you'll already feel like you are receiving high quality earbuds, from the detail and quality of material, just in the packaging, as should be expected for the price. The updating of the software took longer then I anticipated; however, once it was completed, I was very pleased with the features. Some of my favorites were the "Find My Jabra" which uses a Google Maps GPS tracker, like you would find on a mobile device, I love how it lets you adjust how much ambient sound that is let in. This is especially beneficial for joggers as it's important for safety and security to hear what's around you, while you're listening to music.

The right earbud is the master and the left is the slave, which pairs to the right automatically. You can also connect up to; two Bluetooth devices simultaneously, So for instance, if you are listening to music on your computer while a call comes in, it will reconnect you with your phone automatically. I love that these have physical buttons rather than a touch sensor; the buttons are very easy to press and very responsive to your press, which do not move while in your ear, when pressed, unlike my previous purchase. Jabra, absolutely nailed it when it comes to controlling your music, and connecting calls. You are able to skip forward, backwards; replay songs, adjust the volume with a long press on the right earbud, a long press on the left to reduce. With a double press you can command, Alexa, which was a huge plus for me. Google also works with the appropriate voice command, "Ok Google." I'm sure Siri works also, I just haven't tested it.

I was expecting the sound quality to be slightly better then my ENACFIRE's, I was completely wrong. The difference was night and day. The volume was much louder and richer, the mids have much better depth, with a broader sound stage. The trebles sounded very crisp, and clear. The difference exceeded my expectations in quality, over price, Once you adjust the EQ to your liking, it literally sounds like a set of $200-$250 wired headphones, I was blown away, anyone that enjoys listening to music with a lot of bass; these shine. I noticed allot of people complaining there's too much bass, which is very subjective, and is confusing to me (Just adjust your levels to your liking). The EQ software provides you with the option to create your own personalized profile(s), which was intuitive, and easy to set up.

The fit was perfect for me, the standard rubberized inserts fit perfectly right out of the box, a simple 1/4 of a twist into the ear, secures them into place, a very well engineered design. There are three rubberized inserts to adjust to your liking, (s),(m),(l). I work out at the gym and go for runs quite often, these buds remain fit, and secure, regardless of my activity. I love the feature which allows you to control the amount of ambient sound that's let in, which goes through your microphone, the sound around you is amplified, which is very cool. This is great if you're at a coffee shop, you can still talk to people, order food even while listening to music.

The battery life is excellent, I listen to my music quite loud, (volume 8-9) I get about 4-5 hours easily without putting them back into the charging case. The case is incredibly small, it takes up almost no space in my pocket and has a very nice quality feel to it, with a nice quality magnetic close. The Bluetooth range is very good I can freely walk around my apartment while connected to my device in another room, with no connectivity issues. While watching video's, there is absolutely no lag, or lip syncing issues. The type-c connector was also a great plus, not only for convenience of use with my Galaxy S8+ charger, but also the speed in which it charges the device.

Cons: I would say at first you may find it difficult getting these buds out of the case due to the force of the magnets, and the small profile size of the case, which may take some time adjusting to. The software update hung up, which took over an hour, too long for my overanxious liking. I read about others online that had similar issues, which was easily solved by removing them out of the case, and restarting the process, slightly annoying, but certainly not a deal breaker. The left earbud does not work independently on it's own while making a call; without the right one being active. (This is very minor; considering, sound does emanate from both earbuds simultaneously, while on a call, or you have the option of using just the right earbud).

Overall: The real question is, are these worth the higher than average price point? For anyone that's interested in spending a few extra bucks for quality of product, and performance. you definitely get what you pay for. The extra features, such as the hear through feature, Alexa enabled, the EQ feature, four microphones, for a much better caller experience, was enough for me. The rest was just icing on the cake. Not only does this tick all of the boxes in terms of features and benefits. These are definitely worth the $200-$240 price point, in my opinion, especially if you've ever purchased Bluetooth earbuds at the $50-$100 price range. the sound quality alone makes up for the difference in price. If you are on the fence, I suggest doing some additional research online, there's quite a few reviews and videos on this product, which I have found to be very helpful, and accurate. The difference for me, with the better sound quality, and hear through function, I wear these twice as often as I did; my previous ear buds. No joke, I wear them everywhere I can.. I hope my review helps you.
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Imagem do clienteImagem do clienteImagem do clienteImagem do cliente
5,0 de 5 estrelas Great pair of wireless buds
Avaliado nos Estados Unidos em 3 de dezembro de 2019
Compra verificada
3,0 de 5 estrelas Poor latency and sync issues is a bit of a let down
Avaliado no Canadá em 20 de dezembro de 2019
Compra verificada
Amazon Customer
2,0 de 5 estrelas Amazing, but with recurring issues
Avaliado no Canadá em 5 de janeiro de 2020
Compra verificada
Aaron Soto
1,0 de 5 estrelas UPDATE: Two bad experiences: Dead on Day 1, and then issues with the second pair.
Avaliado nos Estados Unidos em 21 de novembro de 2019
Compra verificada